Swimming Pools

If you own a pool, you must have a fence. It’s the law.

In general, your fence must be at least 4′ tall and feature self-closing and self latching gates. If it is a non-privacy fence, then the design must conform to:

A minimum of 45″ between the horizontal rails and less than 4″ between the vertical pickets.


Any horizontal rail spacing with less than 1 3/4″ between the vertical pickets

Its all about safety. These New York State Pool Code regulations are intended to prevent small children from gaining access to your pool. Your gate latches must be at least 54″ above grade, out of reach for small children. Oneonta Fence will assist you in selecting a fence style which conforms to code.

Chain Link

4′ high chain link may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it is invariably your most affordable option for fencing in a pool. A bottom rail isn’t required by law, but does give chain link a more pleasing appearance. Our Total Vinyl Chain Link available in black, green, brown and even white are popular choices for pools.


In our local market, aluminum is probably the most popular choice for a pool fence. Because the posts, pickets and rails are relatively small, your view of your immediate surroundings is minimally obstructed by aluminum or chain link.


White vinyl is a popular choice for swimming pools. There are several 4′ high styles that conform to New York State pool Code. Bufftech, one of the largest vinyl fence manufacturers in the country, is our primary supplier. You can see a wide variety styles on the Bufftech website at www.certainteed.com.