Fences for Containment / Security

For residential fences, Containment is usually about keeping your dogs and/or kids in; Security is usually about keeping other people’s dogs and kids out.

Containment fences are generally 4 to 6 feet high. Depending upon site lines, you might choose to install a 4′ high containment fence on some parts of your property with a complimentary 6′ high privacy fence in other areas.

Chain Link

Why is Chain Link our #1 selling Fence?

Price  Starting at $17 per foot for 4′ high galvanized, chain link is our least expensive fence. Chain Link is your most affordable option for containing kids and dogs.

Versatility  Residential chain link is available heights of 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′. It conforms very well to sloped, rolling or even steep terrains. Nothing beats chain link for dog containment.

Strength and Durability  We install commercial grade posts and chain link, not the lightweight tubing and “chicken wire” sold at home improvement centers. Our posts are typically set 30″ deep in 120 pounds of concrete. The chain link fences we installed 20 years ago are still plumb, straight and true.

Colors  Many customers who resist chain link because it looks too institutional often change their minds when they consider “Total Vinyl Chain Link” available in black, green and brown. The chain link fabric and fittings are vinyl coated. The post and rails are powder coated. We even spray paint the nut and bolts to match the color of the fence. Prices start at $19 per foot for 4′ high Total Vinyl Chain Link


Our horizontal rails feature 2″ ends to fit securely into 2″ bored out holes in each fence post. This Doweled installation is much stronger than the conventional Nail On method, because of the weight of the fence sections rests on 2″ dowels rather than on a few nails or screws.

We also use 5×5 posts rather than the standard 4×4’s used by most fence companies. That one inch may not sound like much, but if you do the math, you’ll find that it works out to about 50% more wood per post!


Think of wrought iron; then make it lighter, less expensive and maintenance free. Unlike iron, aluminum does not rust. Not only is aluminum maintenance free, but it comes in many colors. Residential aluminum fences are available dozens of styles and in heights of 3′, 4′, 4 1/2′, 5′ and 6′.


Almost any style wood fence van be duplicated in vinyl. Most of the vinyl fences you have seen are probably white, but tan and gray are also popular. Along with the traditional smooth finish, wood textures are available in several colors.

Unlike wood fences, vinyl fences are maintenance free. Even when well maintained, our best wood fences will need to be replaced after 15 or 20 years. Our vinyl fences come with a lifetime warranty. As we say in the trade – “Vinyl is final”.

We are an exclusive dealer for Bufftech, probably the biggest and best known vinyl fence company in the country. You can see all of their fence styles at www.certainteed.com

Split Rail

Post & Wire

We installed this 2000′ long fence in Wells Bridge for dog containment. The ends and corners are round pressure treated posts with horizontal rails and diagonal tension wire. This design allows us to pull the woven wire fence under high tension to prevent your dog (or goat?) from pushing out and under. The line posts are simple iron T-posts which don’t require any hole digging. Add a simple tube gate and you’ve given Rover plenty of room to run.

This post & wire concept is also an inexpensive way to define your property boundaries while keeping out hunters, snowmobilers and other trespassers.

Post & Board

Deer Fence