Chain Link

Why is Chain Link our #1 selling fence? Because it is versatile, strong, durable and affordable.

Chain link is available in heights from 3’ to 12’.  It conforms very well to rolling and/or steep terrains.  It is invariably the first choice for safety and security.  Nothing beats chain link for dog containment.

Strong and Durable
We use heavy duty posts and chain link, not the lightweight tubing and "chickenwire" sold at home improvement centers.  Our posts are set in concrete, not driven into the ground like some budget fence companies. The chain link fences we installed 15 years ago are still plumb, straight and true.

Generally, a chain link fence will cost less than half the price of a wood, vinyl or aluminum fence.


Chain Link



4' high chain link is our best selling residential fence. 5' high and 6' high are also popular residential choices. Nothing beats chain link for defining property boundaries and keeping things (usually kids and/or dogs) in or out.

Customers who resist chain link because it looks too institutional, often change their minds when they consider Vinyl Chain Link. Standard colors are green, black and brown. We even spray paint the nuts and bolts to match the color of the fence.

4' Green Vinyl Chain Link
This is a 4' high green vinyl chain link we installed in Oneonta in 2003.

West Oneonta
We built this 4’ high black vinyl chain link fence the day after the pool was installed. We installed an inexpensive wire fence behind the hedge where no one can see it.

Dog Lovers Special
This one was a challenge – How to get Rover off the deck into a fenced enclosure. Simple! The fence is a 4’ high black vinyl chain link. We remove some deck railing, built a ramp completwith no-slip outdoor carpeting and added some lattice work.

Safety Railing
After we put in their fence, one of our customers asked if we could construct a safety railing along a stone walkway down a steep slope. Why not? We designed this one using black powder coated steel from out chain link inventory.


Commercial or municipal fences are often about safety and security. Usually they are 6' or 8' high, sometimes with barbed wire toppers and often involving wide gates.

Water Treatment Plant, Oneonta NY
After the flood of 2006, the City of Oneonta installed a generator at the Water Treatment Plant on East Street at the entrance to Oneonta High School. We installed this 6' high galvanized fence with a 3 strand barb wire topper.

Laurens Bus Garage
We installed this fence for the Laurens Central School in 2008. It's an 8' high galvanized fence with two 24' wide slide (cantilever) gates.

Kraft Foods
At just under 2000', this 8' high fence installed at Kraft Foods in Walton is the longest fence we've installed to date.

Maple Street, Oneonta
In 2009, we installed this 3 ½' high black vinyl chain link fence on Maple Street for the City of Oneonta. After a new sidewalk was installed, we core-drilled into the concrete to install this safety fence along the edge of a steep drop off.

Drogens Electric
This is a 8’ high aluminum cantilever gate at a warehouse in Oneonta. They used to have a problem with theft from their outdoor storage area. They don’t anymore!

Athletic Fields

Chain link is invariably the first choice for athletic fields and backstops. Besides being strong and durable, it tends to give a little when athletes crash into it.

Village Park, Milford.
In 2006, we replaced over 1000' of old, bent, rusted 3',4' and 6' high chain link fence on the baseball fields at the Village Park in Milford. Note the nice curve in the outfield fences.

Backstop at Schenevus
Central School
In 2005, we installed this 10' high (plus overhang) x 60' long backstop at the Schenevus Central School.

Damaschke Field, Oneonta NY
In 2009, we replaced half of the old wooden outfield fence at Damaschke Field at Neawha Park in Oneonta. It is 8' high except for where it drops down to 7' in front of the scoreboard. The rest of the outfield fence will be replaced in 2010.

Roxbury Central School
That is our foreman, Bill Sprague, finishing up a baseball back stop at Roxbury Central School.

We certainly consider ourselves experts when it comes to kennels. Over the last 10 years, we have installed new kennels at the SPCA's in Cooperstown, Delhi and Norwich.

We have also completed installations at numerous private kennels including Southside Dogs in Worcester, Love and Hope Cat Sanctuary in Franklin, Angels Gate in Delhi and Community Veterinary Center in Oneonta.

Community Veterinary Center
We installed these kennels at the Community Veterinary Center in Oneonta in 2007. They are "portable" in that they are bolted together panels that sit on top of the concrete pad.

Angels Gate Cat House
We fence cats too! At Angels Gate in Delhi, they have customized several Amish Barns into heated, year around cat houses. In 2009, we built installed this 7' high chain link enclosure so the cats can enjoy some exercise and sunshine. We have also installed several other animal enclosures at Angels Gate.

Love and Hope Cat Sanctuary
This is one of many cat enclosures we installed at the Love and Hope Cat Sanctuary in Franklin, NY. The cats take up residence inside and then come outside for a little sun and fun. We core drilled the posts into the concrete pad. The solid white part is a no climb panel. Cats, especially feral ones are escape artists.

Susquehanna SPCA
In 2009, we installed these inside and outside kennels at the Susquehanna SPCA in Cooperstown. They have been a regular customer since the late 90’s. Every inside and outside fence and kennel at that facility was installed by us.

Susquehanna SPCA
In 2009, we installed these inside and outside kennels at the Susquehanna SPCA in Cooperstown. They have been a regular customer since the late 90’s. Every inside and outside fence and kennel at that facility was installed by us.


We specialize in restoring old chain link fences at a fraction of the cost of a new fence. On some older fences, the chain link fabric may be rusted, bowed and mangled, but the posts and rails are still straight and true.

We can make these fences look like new without ever digging a hole! First we remove all the old chain link fabric. Then we apply galvanized paint to any of the rusted posts and rails. Then we install new chain link.

Bainbridge Pool
We restored this 10' high fence at the Bainbridge Pool in 2009. We also installed the windscreen to keep debris from blowing into the pool.

Greater Plains Cemetery
Here is a restoration we did in 2004 at Greater Plains Cemetery on Ceperly Avenue in Oneonta. The caretaker told us he thought the original fence was installed in the 60's.

Do It Yourself

Okay, so not everyone is willing to take on chain link fences, but if you need fence, pipe or fittings for new installations or repairs, we've got them.

In fact, we probably have just about every fitting you can imagine in stock and if we don't, we can order them for you. We also have a quantity of used fence, pipe and gates that we have salvaged over the years.